Oh hi!

I'm Pam Severns and I'm a performer & puppeteer for stage and screen.


I am a recipient of a Jim Henson Foundation grant for my live comedy and puppetry. My award-winning short film, Bunny Love, is available on Amazon Prime. La-tee-da.


I have performed from sea to shining sea – from SF Sketchfest to Coachella to the National Puppetry Festival – and many other places that can be found on maps.

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pam severns performs at the jim henson company - caroll spinney


Create a solo puppet act that you love. I'll show you how, in a non-creepy way.

Pam Severns puppeteer headshot
Squirrel puppet pam severns
Moving Pictures broom puppet
Pam Severns on the Boobie Trap Show
Pam Severns guitar The Virgil
Glowman Lyric Hyperion Los Angeles
Pam 2017 O'Neill National Puppetry Conference
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