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Learn a simple formula for writing new

pieces for puppetry.

Saturday July 15th @ 11am PT / 2pm ET

2 hours



Puppetry is an incredible vehicle for storytelling.

As puppeteers we tend to focus on the quality of our puppetry and not quite enough on the stories we are bringing to life.

Writing for Puppetry is a 2-hour Zoom workshop where you will learn a simple formula for strengthening the storytelling in your puppetry work.

You'll learn to create strong and relatable characters, to tell a compelling story, and to make your audience laugh or cry. 

And you'll walk away with an outline for your piece and a solid idea of what makes your story tick and characters pop.

Bring a piece you're working on - for stage or screen - or start from scratch.


You will have the opportunity to workshop your piece for feedback.

All styles of puppetry and any skill levels are welcome.

Greg Zollars, OH

"Your workshop was terrific and I could instantly put the concepts to work - It could not have come at a better time - You broke through my writer's block and I have a small show in 10 days."

Oh hi! I'm Pam Severns.

I am a performer, puppeteer, maker-of-things, and that-lady-over-there-in-the-bushes.


I'm also a dog-mother to Miss Frankie Sinatra (she looks just like Toto) and eater of too many cookies.

I've been performing solo for a decade (!) and have a few things to say about the process. I've won awards, grants, and have traveled from sea to shining sea with my solo comedy and puppetry.

I trained in comedy directing at the Second City and I've taught workshops with Heather Henson's IBEX Puppetry and Celebration Barn. I've worked in many puppetry styles – shadow puppetry, marionettes, hand puppets, Muppet style, and more.

I would love to help you find your voice, your story, and the spark in your solo work.

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Writing for Puppetry Online Workshop

Join me live via Zoom. You'll receive worksheets and have the opportunity to share your work for feedback.

July 15

11am PT / 2pm ET


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