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Courses & Coaching

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The Magic
of Puppetry

Want to explore the world of puppetry but not sure where to start? The Magic of Puppetry is a complete introductory course on the art of puppetry!

What's included:

- Part 1: Why Puppets?

- Part 2: Puppeteering Basics

- Part 3: Puppet Building

- Parts 4: Early Muppets

- Part 5: Amazing Videos of Great Puppetry

Self-Guided Online Courses

Create a Puppet Act


If you have always wanted to write and perform an act or show using puppetry, you're in the right place!


This one-of-a-kind course will motivate you to

create a piece in five weeks

from idea to performance. 

Week 1: Idea Generation​

Week 2: Creating Characters

Week 3: Building a Story

Week 4: Connection

Week 5: How to submit to shows

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One-on-One Coaching

Need some help with a piece, film, act, or creative endeavor?
I'm here to help!
I have ten years of experience as a solo puppeteer, performer, comedian and filmmaker.

I've received grants and fellowships, performed at hundreds of shows, have a film on Amazon, and I feel weird bragging about it. But here we are.

Here's more about stuff I've done.

I'd love to work together to help you navigate your creativity or help you finish a project.

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