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A Life + Career in Puppetry: A Chat with David Stephens

I chatted with my buddy David Stephens about his 20+ years as a puppeteer and all of the ups and the downs he's experienced.

He talks about the frustrations of being a professional puppeteer, his best and worst shows, his pivot to a 9-5 job after the pandemic, and career highlights like his friendship with Jane Henson and his continuing love of the art of puppetry, despite the struggles.

Click the image to watch the interview.

David Stephens has been actively involved in the art of puppetry for most of his life. The work of Jim Henson played a significant role in activating Stephens' imagination as a child, which ultimately led to a career in puppetry that has spanned nearly 30 years.

His solo company, All Hands Productions, toured throughout North America from 2001-2021 presenting his original one-man puppet shows, several of which won the art form's most prestigious awards.

He has also been a puppeteer for "Sesame Street," Disney's Muppet Studios, and for The Jim Henson Company.

As "Banjolicious," Stephens has enjoyed a 20+ year career as an accomplished singer/songwriter & banjo player.

David spent the better part of the end of 2023 as a puppeteer in the Chicago production of Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas.

David makes beautiful, high quality puppets and sells them on Etsy. Get 'em while you can, because they sell out!

Click the image above to watch the interview on YouTube or click here.

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