You've probably been procrastinating on making a puppetry act or film for months. Or maybe years.


You probably want to create a show or write a puppet film, but you have so many ideas that you don't know where to start.

Or you may feel like you don't have the tools and structure to create some new material completely from scratch.

You want to develop the confidence to perform an act, but you might think you're not really a performer.

You think it'd be fun to perform in a show but you're not sure how to break in.

Guess what?

I'm here to help you


Create a Puppet Act

A one-of-a-kind online course that helps you write

and create a puppetry piece.

– from idea to presentation.

I'm Pam Severns.

I've created a heck of a lot of puppet performances and have performed them on a bajillion shows.


I think puppetry is magical and that there should be more of it in the world, which is why I'm here to teach you how to create an act or film that you love and are eager to share.


When I started out almost ten years ago I was new to performing, but it has changed my life. I've performed on many stages and TV shows since.

I have received awards, grants, and scholarships for my performances and I love spreading the word about these opportunities to people like you who love puppetry.

Since I started teaching this course, my students have gone on to perform in paid shows, received grants, and created their own films and live shows.

I've thought a lot about what makes an act really, really good and I created this course to help you build a solid piece.

  Creating puppetry acts at home is my specialty.  

I've performed on the stages of America's Got Talent, the Jim Henson Company, and Coachella and my puppetry film, Bunny Love, is on Amazon Prime.


     This course is for you if:


  • You're an expert procrastinator.

  • You have ideas but don't know how to implement them.

  • You're just starting out in puppetry and want to explore it.

  • You want to learn puppet sketch writing or write a film.

  • You want to more opportunities to get your work out there.​

  • You want to be part of the worldwide puppetry community.

What people are saying:

"Pam Severns is a fantastic mentor/motivator, and I was delighted to be able to take a workshop with her!


This workshop really got me out of a quarantine related creative slump and made me excited to work with puppets again. Putting together a strong slam piece that you can actually perform solo makes slam performances much more accessible/ doable, and Pam is here to help you do it."

Rebecca Lane

Columbia Marionette Theater

Columbia, SC




What you get:

Five weeks of video trainings and worksheets emailed

to you once a week so it's paced out for you.

Plus tons of BONUSES and puppetry playlists to

inspire and motivate you!


Idea Generation

Coming up with ideas for acts can be tricky. How do you even start?

You might already have an idea for a show or piece – chances are it's already in there.

In Part One I'll guide you through the process for generating lots of ideas for new work. You'll get so many new ideas, you won't know what to pick! Don't worry, I'll help with that too.


What's inside:

  • A puppetry primer video to introduce you to the magic of puppets and the science on why we love them like we do.

  • The ingredients that make an act truly great.

  • A customized playlist of amazing puppet acts in many styles of puppetry for you to watch in your own time to help you get inspired to make your own act.

  • A worksheet with writing and brainstorming exercises to help you dig deep and figure out what inspires you.

  • How to trust yourself to make something amazing and why failure isn't something to fear.

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can get support and see what other students are working on.


Creating Characters

Our characters are the foundation of our pieces. They carry the act from beginning to end.

Part two of this course takes you through the steps of creating characters that the audience will fall in love with.

What's inside:

  • How to build a character that an audience can relate to.

  • 6 types of "bad guys" you can bring into your act to make it stronger.

  • The 3 big mistakes in puppet character building.

  • How you can use puppetry to inform a character's personality.

  • A worksheet to help you explore and get to know your main character.​​

What people are saying:

"Pam's workshop was just the encouragement I needed to create and share an actual act after spending months building puppets.


Pam provided a well organized method, provided specific and helpful feedback, and shared links that offered further enrichment. I especially appreciated the opportunity to workshop with other puppeteers, both novices (like myself) and veterans.


The entire experience was supportive and a wonderful mix of play and inspiration."

- Mobi Warren

New Mexico


Building a Story

After you get to know your characters, you have to give them a journey to go on! Telling a compelling story is the single most important part of your act.

In Part three we explore storytelling and what makes a story tick.

What's inside:

  • How the simplest story can make your act stronger and why the they are great for puppetry.

  • The types of story that audiences adore and how you can use their blueprints for your own story.

  • A story map to help you visualize your character's journey from start to finish.

  • Worksheets to help you brainstorm and to guide you through your character's story.

  • The 3 types of no-story acts that can get away with it.​​​




We don't usually think about it, but most great performances are ones that speak to the heart.

In Part four, you'll learn how to make your performance one that an audience connects with. Part four explores the emotion of your piece and what feeling you'd like to leave your audience with.

What's inside:

  • Why the emotional journey of your piece matters and how to find it.

  • The relationship of a performer to their audience and how you can use this to your advantage.

  • A worksheet to help you find out what your character is feeling and how you can communicate it to a crowd.​​​



Show Submission Template

A guild to where you can submit your puppet act, how to find those shows and festivals and a template to help you submit!


Tech Rehearsal Cheat Sheet

You'll need to know what to tell the stage manager for tech rehearsal - lighting, sound cues, setup, etc. This cheatsheet will keep you on top of your cues so your act goes off with a bang.


20 Mega-Useful

Puppetry Resources

A comprehensive list of links to the most useful puppetry organizations, festivals, and workshops in the whole wide world.


You receive an email once a week for five weeks

so that it's paced out for you.

  • Week 1: Idea Generation

  • Week 2: Creating Characters

  • Week 3: Building a Story

  • Week 4: Connection

  • Week 5: And BONUSES :


- Custom playlists of the world's best puppet acts in all styles of puppetry.​
- Worksheets to help you define your character, story, and a blueprint for your piece.
- A list of 20 mega-useful resources that all puppet artists must know about.

A Tech Rehearsal Cheat Sheet and guide to the technical requirements of performing on stage or screen.

- A Show Submission Template so you can get your act on shows and get paid to perform.

- A guide to shows, events, and festivals that love puppetry.

- A list of Puppet Film Festivals and other film festivals that accept puppet film submissions.

- A private Facebook group for students of this course so you have support and access to the latest calls for puppetry acts.

You get lifetime access and it starts as soon as you sign up!

$185   $99

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