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The Solo WOrkshop

Create a solo performance in just four weeks.

4 Saturdays

August 12th - September 2nd

Pam Severns shower act

Create a solo piece for stage in your style and voice – in just 4 weeks.  


Specifically tailored for puppetry artists and physical theater performers.


Great solo performing is a superpower. It builds your confidence and your self-reliance.  Sometimes you just need a little push!

You'll also gain tools to promote your work and pitch yourself to perform.

Whether you’re a  beginning puppeteer looking to create new work or a performer stuck in a creative rut, the Solo Workshop will change the way you create so you can express your unique voice, make an impact with your performance, AND have the tools to kill it in the solo performing game.

Imagine performing on variety shows in your area, at Fringe Festivals abroad, or making money with a performing side hustle.


When you perform solo you can take your work anywhere. You just need help getting out of your own way so you can put your unique work out into the world.

Structured, step-by-step materials will be available to you online so you can refer back to them anytime. Weekly Zoom meetings will keep you accountable in your work.

Nina Hart, MA

Pam is a beautifully dedicated and inspiring teacher, with deep knowledge of puppetry and story. She has the rare ability to simplify the complicated, which makes it so easy to learn from her. I most highly recommend her classes.

What you get in the Solo Workshop

Structured Weekly Accountability

Stay focused with weekly accountability in our live classes via Zoom. All sessions are recorded and sent to you after each class.

Access to Materials Online

Class materials including videos, worksheets and notes, will be available online so you can revisit them when you need to.

Community and Feedback

A chance to workshop your work in our live sessions, discuss your ideas with peers, and be inspired by other artists.

Optional Individual Coaching & Support

You can sign up for the VIP level for individual coaching sessions where we'll discuss your piece and your goals for performing.

Bonus Materials

A template for pitching yourself and your show, a guide to where you can find PAID performing opportunities, and tips to non-cringey self-promotion. ALSO, a discount code for future classes!

Meet Your Instructor

Oh hi! I'm Pam Severns.

I am a performer, puppeteer, maker-of-things, and that-lady-over-there-in-the-bushes.


I'm also a dog-mother to Miss Frankie Sinatra (she looks just like Toto) and eater of too many cookies.

I've been performing solo as a comedian and puppeteer for a decade (!) and have a few things to say about the process. I was scared out of my mind to perform in the beginning but it changed everything for me.

I trained in comedy directing at the Second City and have performed solo on stages from sea to shining sea. I've taught workshops with Heather Henson's IBEX Puppetry and Celebration Barn. I've received fancy grants and awards too.

I would love to help you find your voice, your story, and the  spark in your solo work.

Learn more...


Damon Miller

Renewed my inspiration to perform!

Phyllis Gordon

 I was encouraged to take risks. A very supportive environment.

The Solo Workshop

for puppetry and physical theater artists

4 Saturdays

August 12 - September 2nd

10am PT • 1pm ET • 6pm UK

1 1/2 hours via Zoom

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The 4-week

Solo Workshop

Structured online course materials plus 4 live group Zoom sessions for guidance and feedback on your work.

$300 $200

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