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whoa whoa whoa

what the heck
is a "talk-in"?

It's a play on words!

Ever heard of Laugh-In?

That show from the 60's with Goldie Hawn?

Like that. But I (me, Pam) do some talkin'. And probably some laughin' too.

Either AMA - Ask Me Anything - style or as an interview with people I find interesting.


Get it? Great.

Oh hi! I'm Pam Severns.

I am a performer, puppeteer, maker-of-things, and that-lady-over-there-in-the-bushes.

I've been performing as a comedian and puppeteer for a decade (!) on stages from sea to shining sea. I was scared out of my mind to perform in the beginning but it changed everything for me. Now I share that terror with students all over the world.

I've taught workshops with Heather Henson's IBEX Puppetry and I've received fancy grants and awards. La-tee-da.

I also have a girl dog named Frankie Sinatra who looks like Toto and am fascinated by archeology, Old Hollywood and tiny things.

Let's hang out!

Gently stalk me on Instagram

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