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Weekend Intensive

Create an act in a weekend!

There's nothing quite like an impending deadline to light the fire under you. An intensive is a great way for you to get moving to make a new puppetry act because you won't have time to doubt yourself.

How it works:

  • Thursday: Using examples, I will break down what makes a great solo puppetry act. I'll give you the framework and parameters for your new act, which can be in any style of puppetry you please.

  • Friday: You will pitch your idea for an act. We'll give some feedback, talk stuff out, and you'll start creating.

  • Saturday: We don't officially meet on Saturday because you're busting your butt to get your act made. I will be available for "office hours" during our regular meeting time if you need anything.

  • Sunday: We meet again! You will either record your 3-5 minute act and send it to me on Sunday by 4pm PT, or you'll perform live during class.


I'll send each individual feedback to each performer after the final show and if you feel ready, I can help you get booked on shows!



Here's what you get from this workshop:

  • a new 3-5 minute act that you can do alone on stage or for online shows

  • a framework from which to create and hone new work

  • accountability, a deadline + a class show

  • written feedback from me after your performance

I've created many solo puppet acts and I have performed on many, many stages – from dingy bars in sketchy neighborhoods to exclusive shows for fancy Hollywood celebs. 

I bring my years of experience to the table to help you find your voice as a performer and puppeteer.

All levels welcome. Please have puppets you can work with for this class.


Thursday, Friday,

Saturday & Sunday –


August 20 – 23rd, 2020

5-7pm PT | $185

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