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5-week workshop

Creating a solo act can be frustrating.

It feels impossible without support or a deadline.

And performing solo can be scary too!

When I created my first solo puppetry act, I had no idea what I was doing. I had little experience as a performer and I had no confidence on stage.


I trembled with fear the first time I did my act at a puppet slam in San Francisco.

Despite my fear of performing, that 3-minute act went on to become a short puppet film that's now on Amazon Prime and helped me get several grants and scholarships. I've performed solo on more stages than I can keep track of – from sketchy dive bars to exclusive Hollywood events.

From my many years as a puppeteer and performer, I'll help you put together a short puppet piece and find the confidence to perform it. Most importantly, I'll give you a deadline to get you making an act from scratch – from concept to performance!

What you get from this workshop:

  • A new solo puppetry act that you can do on stage or for online shows.

  • framework to use for creating acts, over and over again.

  • Supportive feedback that will help you develop a piece that you feel comfortable performing.

  • Videos, handouts, and resources emailed after each class.

  • private facebook group for support from fellow students.

  • Resources for submitting your act to shows - if you want to!


All classes are online via Zoom.

A solo act in your back pocket is a game changer.

It will build your confidence, you can do it anywhere,

and you will have it forever!

We'll talk about what makes good writing and storytelling, characters, and we'll discuss the important question - why puppets? 

You'll come up with an outline for your act based on the framework provided and will start to practice! 

You'll have an act you feel good about! I'll provide resources for submitting to puppet slams and shows.

What people are saying about the workshop:

"Pam's workshop was just the encouragement I needed to create and share an actual act after spending quarantine months building puppets.


Pam provided a well organized method, provided specific and helpful feedback, and shared links that offered further enrichment. I especially appreciated the opportunity to workshop with other puppeteers, both novices (like myself) and veterans.


The entire experience was supportive and a wonderful mix of play and inspiration."

- Mobi Warren, New Mexico

"Pam Severns is a fantastic mentor/motivator, and I was delighted to be able to take a workshop with her!


This workshop really got me out of a quarantine related creative slump and made me excited to work with puppets again. Putting together a strong slam piece that you can actually perform solo makes slam performances much more accessible/ doable, and Pam is here to help you do it."

- Rebekah Lane, South Carolina

"I have performed 'Sleep Tight' for 3 puppet slams so far and plan on submitting it to more!"

- Robert Amico, Oregon

With a few tools, a bit of structure, and a deadline,

you will have the confidence to craft a a solo puppet act

that you are excited to perform!

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